This Is Where the Russia-Ukraine War is Really Headed

by Phil Schneider

Ben Shapiro breaks it all down. Russia is a large country with thousands of nuclear weapons and seemingly endless oil. But Russia has very little else to boast of. Their economy is weak and it’s population is aging. And now, even the Russian military has been exposed as rather weak. Russia has certainly scared the living daylights out of many of it’s neighbors. Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, and whatever will be left of Ukraine, will have all received a major wake-up call when the dust settles from the brutal invasion.

But this could be the beginning of the end of Russia’s domination and threats over Europe – on one condition. If the West succeeds in creating a successful triangle between China, Russia, and the West, then, and only then, Russia will gradually wither away and become a minor threat with nuclear weapons that will gather dust and become more and more obsolete.

But if Russia and China continue to cooperate and treat each other as strategic partners, and the West is divided between suffering economies that are scared of living without Russian oil, then Russia will continue to wreak havoc on many millions more across Eastern Europe.

A stalemate between Russia and Ukraine may seem like a positive outcome from Ukraine. But that may not be the case. Of course, Zelensky will probably be hailed as a strong war hero if Ukraine survives as a country with Kiev at it’s center. But unless Ukraine and other Eastern European countries rebuild their military alliances and capabilities, they may fall prey to the next Russian attack. Putin is clearly not scared to level cities in order to accomplish his goals. Putin is absolutely liable to use more brutal weapons to level cities. Kiev is in major danger.

The most important strategic goal of the West must be to weaken the China-Russian alliance. This must come about via powerful incentives to both Russia and China from the West to distance Russia and China from working together. This is an idea that Henry Kissinger touted and he is 100% right. China is the greater threat. China must be made to understand that if they continue to cover Russia’s back in this and future Russian attacks, they will face worldwide economic sanctions along with Russia.

Who will be the leader who brings this about? If nobody does, Russia and China will not just terrorize the Baltics and Taiwan. Russia and China will be able to do much more damage than that and will threaten the entire world.

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