This is What the Israeli Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

by Leah Rosenberg

All it takes is around 2 minutes to show the truth about the Israeli Left and the Supreme Court. These are just the facts.

The Israeli Left is Lying to the World

Do you want to know the truth about Israel’s Supreme Court and its judges? Do you want to know why judicial reforms are absolutely necessary? You don’t even need to watch a long video to understand the issues at hand. This video is only around 2 minutes long. The Israeli Left doesn’t want you to see this video. They don’t want you to know the truth. Some people know the truth, but they are still shouting that judicial reforms will bring an end to democracy (which is beyond absurd). But then there are people – even on the Israeli Left – who might not know the truth. There are protesters who are being told by the leaders of the Israeli Left that everything is being destroyed by the Israeli Right and its proposed judicial reforms. They are being fed a false narrative. And the media goes along with it!

And that is just wrong and immoral.

The Israeli Left and Right can have different opinions. But when one side is shouting lies and bringing the country down, that is not ok. It is terrifying that there are people who are so addicted to power and control that they are willing to bring a country down. It is terrifying that they lie and lie again and don’t care about the truth.

People need to learn the truth about the judicial reforms and what the Israeli Left is trying to do.

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