This Is What The IDF Found In The Shifa Hospital

by Micha Gefen

The IDF and Shin Bet forces, led by the 162nd Division, the 401st Brigade Combat Team, and the 13th Fleet continue to operate in the Shippa Hospital to counter terrorism in a targeted manner. Terrorist funds were found in the hospital and were intended for distribution to Hamas terrorist operatives inside the hospital.

The battle over Shifa, occurred over night resulted in the liquidation capture of over 80 terrorists, including the killing of Fa’ak Mabuhu, the head of Hamas’ Internal Security Operations.

The raid on Shifa was launched at around 2:30 a.m., with troops of the IDF’s 401st Armored Brigade and other units, including special forces and the Shin Bet security agency, encircling the hospital, the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip. Shifa had already been cleared, but Hamas resurfaced in the hospital over the last few weeks - a reminder why the IDF must stay in Gaza after the war.

Matan Vinogradov, 20, of the Nahal Brigade’s 932nd Battalion, from Jerusalem, was killed in an exchange of fire in the area of Shifa Hospital.

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