This is the Secret to Fighting Inflation in America

by Phil Schneider

It’s not so complex. Cut costs and free up the economy to allow growth. Inflation is not as confusing as people think. Government overspending and government overreach are key drivers of inflation.

A brief look at the history of ups and downs in America shows that whenever the government outspent it’s means, it drove up inflation. Whenever the government opened up shackles, it lowered inflation.

Ronald Reagan was one of the Presidents who used this idea and implemented it to the fullest. He even brought down the Soviet Union via a strategy that prioritized freeing up businesses from government overreach. Whenever he was asked about what the government should do about a problem, he would say something like the government is the problem – not the solution. That attitude was not what drove LBJ, Jimmy Carter or most other Presidents. They used government to solve problems. Reagan thought the best way to solve problems was to cut government out of solving problems.

On this matter, Donald Trump largely followed Reagan’s example. It was no surprise that the economy truly opened up during the four years of Trump’s Presidency. It can turn around again. But first of all, the runaway spending must stop.

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