Elon Musk Takes On Fauci (and the Entire Deep State)

by David Mark

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has puzzled observers from across the political spectrum. Why would Musk buy the social media giant? The right thinks he is a hero and with every new Twitter File drop, the left grows increasingly fearful that it is losing control of the narrative.

Musk’s purchase of Twitter has given him the tools to take on the World Economic Forum and bring down its grip over America and essentially the Western world. Now that it has been proven that Twitter and the FBI/CIA were in deep when it came to manipulating the 2020 elections, the public wants to know what else the social media giant was coopted for.

The answer may be coming any day and Musk gave a hint to what it is in the following Tweet.

Musk also Tweeted the following:

It appears that Musk is about to release the proof that the Deep State and Twitter colluded not only in pushing the government’s official COVID narrative but worked to censor alternative medical opinions that now appear to have been far more correct than the ones Dr. Fauci was pushing.

Why does Elon Musk care?

COVID-19 is the main tool the World Economic Forum has been using to push its global agenda called the Great Reset. Elon Musk is diametrically opposed to the WEF agenda. After all, he believes free market capitalism is what has contributed to the forward development of mankind – not the government.

The WEF seeks to remove wealth from the individual and hand power over to unelected oligarchs that in Klaus Schwab’s opinion “know best.”

In order for Elon Musk to have a shot in revolutionizing the world – the WEF must be stopped. After all, if Klaus Schwab gets his way – Musk won’t own anything either. Imagine all the imagination and ingenuity snuffed out in an instant. One does not need to agree with Musk on everything to realize that he and other wealthy entrepreneurs like Joe Rogan are perhaps the only ones standing in the way of the Great Reset’s horrific dystopian agenda.

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