This is the Rolls Royce of Field Hospitals that Israel offered Sri Lanka

by Phil Schneider

Sri Lanka is the most recent man-made disaster that the world is reeling from. But whether or not, it is a man-made humanitarian disaster or a hurricane or earthquake that wreaks havoc on a region, Israel is there to help. This is so deep in the DNA of the Israeli medical teams that it doesn’t surprise anybody anymore when Israel flies it’s finest Israeli field medical doctors and paramedics all over the world to save lives.

Why does Israel care so much?

If you ask a typical Israeli man on the street, they will shrug and say – of course, we have to help. The poor and unfortunate who are in dire need of support can’t be left to fend for themselves. The entire country takes pride in this massive level of loving-kindness that the State of Israel is famous for. Haiti, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, and nearly anywhere where natural disasters have occurred, have been places that Israel sent their finest to help.

Plain and simple – it’s a Jewish thing. The Jewish people care. They are a giving people who mimic their Creator. He cares – so we care. It’s that simple. After so many generations of suffering, the Jewish people are perhaps more acutely aware of the importance of not turning a blind eye to others. If more leaders had not turned a blind eye to the Jewish people over the generations, millions of lives may have been saved.

But, we must point out one more thing. The Jewish people do not merely send donations. They fly into the danger zones in order to save lives. This is the essence of giving. Endangering oneself in order to save others.

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