Watch the Amazing Recovery Story of a Genius Who Took a Fall

by Phil Schneider

Professor Kazhdan is a first rate mathematician. But one day, his career and life were in total peril. He took a fall and was very close to death when he was brought to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The trauma and emergency medicine units in Hadassah are state-of-the art, and Professor Kazhdan not only received his life as a gift. He was rehabilitated and returned to his love of teaching – thanks to the good doctors of Hadassah – and alot of willpower from the Professor.

The Best Place for Treatment in the World

Israel is a unique country when it comes to medical care. It is both technologically advanced and rather socialized. This is a rare combination, and it actually works quite well in the small country. How does the system work? First of all, Israel was founded on largely socialist principles, but gradually graduated to more and more capitalistic policies. However, the socialist policies in the field of medicine have continued. Every single citizen of the State of Israel is covered by law for all basic medical care needs. But since Israel is not such a large country, and there are less than 10 million citizens, covering the entire population’s basic medical needs is not financially prohibitive.

So, why is the medical service so good? It seems that the medical research breakthroughs that Israeli scientists are known for are a big part of the reason. A very significant part of Israel’s hi-tech scene is also connected to the bio-tech sphere. Almost all inventions connected to disabled army veterans walking again were created in Israel. But there is an additional dimension that so many patients feel when they are in Israel. In Israel, one feels like they are in a big family. Put very simply, the medical staff genuinely cares. There have been many studies that show that the degree of medical care improves markedly to the extent that the caregiver is emotionally connected with the patient.

So, in Israel, we have a wonderful combination. A touch of socialism that works because of the small population, a lot of ingenuity, and a medical staff that treats their patients like family.

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