This Is How The IDF Liquidates Its Enemies In Gaza

by Micha Gefen

The IDF releases new footage from the operations of the Egoz commando unit in southern Gaza’s Khan Yunis.

In one encounter, the IDF says Egoz troops using a drone spotted two gunmen hiding in a building. Following a lengthy gun battle, during which troops attempted to flush the suspects out the structure with explosives, the two operatives were killed.

In another similar incident, Egoz troops spotted several Hamas operatives opening fire at them from a building and killed them following a gun battle, the IDF says. 

In the building, the IDF says the soldiers found a cache of weapons.

While the IDF crushed most of the Hamas battalions and terrorists in Khan Yunis, it continues to find squads hidden throughout the city. Many of the houses, hospitals, and schools have hidden within piles of weapons and propganda material. Many homes are said to have Mein Kampf within them.

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