Jewish British MP Made the Most Important Statement about Israel’s War against Hamas

by Leah Rosenberg

Andrew Percy nailed it here. This Jewish British MP said something that every world leader needs to listen to.

Jewish British MP Makes a Strong Statement

What Andrew Percy said here is extremely important. No one has the right to tell Israel how to fight its war. No one has the right to tell Israel where it is allowed to enter and carry out operations and where it is not allowed. How dare other world governments do such a thing! Governments that claim to be allies with Israel. If only someone like this Jewish British MP was the leader of the UK. If only someone like Andrew Percy was the leader of America.

Can you imagine if after September 11, 2001, Israel went to the U.S. and told it what to do and where it can and cannot carry out its war against terror? Can you imagine such a preposterous thing?

Yet when it comes to Israel, the world believes it has the right to dictate to the one and only Jewish state how to carry out the most just war. The world thinks Israel is a child that can be told what to do and what not to do. Israel has every right to defend itself and obliterate Hamas. Israel has every right to do everything to bring home the hostages being held by Hamas.

It’s so ridiculous. The way the world treats Israel and tries to control it is almost laughable because of how absurd it really is. Israel’s leaders need to stay strong and not give in to world pressure.

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