The Purim Message for Israel and Jew Haters

by Avi Abelow

Real Jews Celebrate Purim By Celebrating their Jewish Identity and their miraculous ancestral homeland, the modern state of Israel!!!

All the others “as a Jew” who are anti-Israel and anti their own Jewish historical culture are missing what it is to be a Jew. They have cut themselves off from the Jewish people, and remain as “Jew in name only”. Yet, our arms are always outstretched to accept them back!


Today’s western society is all about victimhoood, competing for who is the biggest “victim”. They don’t channel their energies into making life better for themselves. They channel their energies with anger to scream, complain and take down everyone they blame for their “victimhood”.

Jews Celebrate Survival

The Jews are different and that is our secret! We don’t focus on the how we are victims, even though we have new enemies in every generation that try to destroy us. No, we focus on being thankful for what we have and for surviving. And then we celebrate to say thanks to the one above who is responsible for our miraculous existence. That is the essence of the holiday of Purim.

Any Jew who joins the “victimhood” camp instead of joining the Jewish celebration camp, is basically cutting themselves off from their true Jewish identity, from their own people and from their homeland. They might say “as a Jew” when they talk, but they are a Jew in name only. A true Jew either celebrates our miraculous existence or celebrates Israel.

Enjoy the Craziness of Purim in Old City of Jerusalem!!!

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