Roseanne Barr opens up about her love for Israel and the Jewish people

by Leah Rosenberg

Roseanne Barr tells people why BDS is wrong and the love that has for her people, the Jewish People. Israel is mentioned as a warm, loving country and a great place to visit.

Ah BDS the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement that is looking for freedom, justice, and equality for the Palestinian people. It believes Israel has denied Palestinians the fundamental human rights. BDS wants Israel to end its occupation and colonization of Arab land. The hold protests and put pressure on governments around the world to hold Israel accountable for its actions. The BDS movement campaigns to urge banks, universities, local councils, and pension funds and supermarkets to not do business with Israel, in the hope it hurt Israel economically.

But if you’ve ever been to Israel you would know it is a country that is warm and friendly. It is a small country that is in need of tight security, from Gaza, there are rockets daily into the southern cities of Israel. There have been in recent years many stabbing attacks, car ramming attacks. If these could be prevented, then yes, let’s do what we can to prevent them. Wouldn’t you in your country do what you can to prevent a terrorist attack?

Being Jewish is great, one of the many great things about being Jewish is the yummy food we get to eat. There is yummy matzah ball chicken soup. There is nothing like coming home from the Synagogue on Friday night, after the Sabbath has come in and sitting down to a nice big bowl of chicken soup filled with vegetables, matzah balls and noodles. Yum!

There are many other yummy foods like gefillte fish, bagels and lox and latkes. Other foods that are Israeli foods include felafel, shwarma and shakshuka. All these foods are extremely delicious.

Anyone would tell you a trip to Israel is well worth it and most definitely a unique experience. Israel offers a unique experience whether it be hiking in the desert seeing all the different colored sands, seeing greenery come from the desert. In the north of Israel seeing the mountains and the views of the flowers, it is breathtaking. Go to Israel to experience the warmth of the Israeli people, how friendly and hospitable they are.

Every country has problems with its leaders. Not everyone in every country will align politically with its leaders. The same is in Israel. Every one country as many political parties, there are many different types of people to try and align with the different types of people. Israel is no different. Just because there are people who do not get along or agree with their leaders or the leaders of other countries does not mean that the country is bad.

In today’s world, we need to be able to connect with the younger generation. We need to teach them the right morals and to get all the facts before making a decision, whether it be about a country, a leader, a people, a religion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion just because you do not agree with that opinion does not make the other persons’ opinion wrong.

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