The UN dream has become a nightmare

by Leah Rosenberg

The United Nations is made up of many countries from around the world. Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security and protecting human rights, delivering humanitarian aid and upholding international law.

The United Nations was created in 1946, the first meeting was held in London, 51 nations were represented. The UN has headquarters in Manhattan, as well as buildings in Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi. The United Nations Human Rights Council was created to help protect the human rights of people around the world. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland and has 47 members. They investigate countries that have breached human rights, such as women rights, freedom of belief and religion, freedom of expression and rights of racial and ethnic minorities.

The members of the UN Human Rights Council, are they all following the rules? There are countries that belong to this council that don’t let women have freedom and that don’t let people have the freedom of speech that they do in other countries.

Let’s talk about China, they crack down on freedom of speech. China is a country that is known, where they do not treat their workers well or the ethnic minorities. China has a one child per family policy, if that isn’t against human rights than what is? More then 60 internet regulations exist in China.

Other countries that are members of the UN Human Rights Council include Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. These are countries that have in some way violated human rights! But they are all still on the committee. These countries have many rules against women driving, women attending university women having the right to vote. They punish harshly people of other religions or those who disobey the laws of the country. Yet the UN Human Rights Committee is silent!

Did you know that the UN Human Rights Committee have issued over 60 resolutions against Israel? That is more than the rest of the world put together! Does this mean the Committee is anti-semitic? anti-zionist? probably.

Israel, the country many feels do violate the rights of Arabs, where they are hurting the Arabs and not giving them the life they give other people. But this is not true! Israel has given the Arab citizens the right to vote, the right to attend universities, they can walk into the shopping malls, just like any other citizen.

The UN was made to help protect world peace and the people who live in it but this isn’t happening. Not when there are many abusers who violate international law sitting on the Council. The UN dream is just that a dream, many reforms need to be made for the dream to come to reality.

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