This is by Far One of the Best Jewish Music Videos Out There

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish music videos can be fun and entertaining. This one has it all. Benny Friedman really takes the gold with this song!

Jewish Music Videos

Not every one of the Jewish music videos you’ll see will be this good. But this one is truly THAT good. Benny Friedman is one of the most well-known Jewish singers out there. Many of his songs are fun, catchy, and really just want to make you listen again and again. “Yama” is the perfect song.

This song is about traveling and walking in the land of Israel – the entire land of Israel. It’s about how G-d gave us this land, and we get rewarded for even taking a few steps in this holy land!

Not only is the song good and might make you get on the next plane to Israel, but if you watch the video while listening to the song, you might even end up moving here. How can you not?

The land of Israel is beautiful physically and spiritually. When the Jewish people actually wake up to that reality and realize that Israel is where the past, present, and future of the nation of Israel is, they will all come running home. Many already have. The land of Israel awaits the return home of all the Jewish people. Being a Jew here in G-d’s land is what He wants. It is such an absolutely awesome things to be a Jew in the Jewish homeland. So come on – pack your bags! The journey is well worth it.

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