If He Becomes President, Iran Doesn’t Stand a Chance

by Phil Schneider

There are some leaders of foreign countries that can be reasoned with. One of these is the leader of China. He may be dictatorial and want to bring the idea of a Chinese Empire back to the modern world. But he can be reasoned with. It is a chess game with him. With proper steps, the West can reverse some of the setbacks that the West has experienced over the last two decades with China. Some of those steps include diplomacy with China and especially with China’s neighbors, like India, Russia, and other countries who have a lot to gain or lose from a China that grows and grows..

Iran is different – precisely due to the explanation of Governor DeSantis. Those radical Islamists with apocalyptic visions of destroying parts of the world in order to somehow bring the world to a better place, are a different breed of mankind. They are just as dangerous as Hitler was, though for very different reasons.

But they will not hesitate to take action, even if it means that tens of millions of their own people will be killed. The Ayatollahs don’t care about their own people, just as Hitler did not care about the German people. Hitler cared much more about his radical anti-Jewish ideology than nearly anything else. When World War II was clearly a lost cause, Hitler still did everything possible to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews, rather than using every able German soldier to try to save whatever was left of his Third Reich that was falling apart.

The Ayatollahs and other radical Islamists that Israel is fighting against are similar. Israel needs support from the White House and the West in order to dry up the resources that fund those who wake up and plot terror against them every day.

Ron DeSantis is far from the only Republican who is a strong supporter of Israel. But he gets it as far as Iran better than most. And yes, much of the credit goes to Donald Trump for taking the bold actions of killing the Iranian lead terrorist who was known as a General in Iran. Iran wants nothing more than Joe Biden to be reelected.

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Gershompesach June 26, 2023 - 2:04 pm

It’s not his turn…Trump is Potus….
& I think DeSanctimonius is a bit RINO…

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