This bus ride to Bethlehem shows all you need to know about Israel’s checkpoints

by Leah Rosenberg

The world is bothered by Israel’s checkpoints. But do they know the truth about it? Do they know that Israel respects human rights while protecting itself?

The Bus Ride and Checkpoints

While taking a bus ride through different areas in Judea and Samaria, there will be several checkpoints. Arieh Miller took a ride into Bethlehem as well as other areas in Judea and Samaria. He saw the security up close. And he has the facts. Miller discusses how he wants to see peace, but the reality today does not allow for Israel to give up on its security measures. The checkpoints have stopped multiple attacks from occurring in Israel. Many lives have been saved because of Israel’s top security measures. Are these checkpoints and the border wall really immoral? No. Firstly, Israel treats the Palestinian Arabs with respect. Secondly, the border wall is not what the media portrays it as. And secondly, there are not hundreds of security checks, despite what the world may want you to believe. There are only about a dozen, and not all are always used.

Respecting Human Rights

Israel cannot give up on protecting itself, but that does not mean it does not respect human rights. When Palestinian Arabs cross through Israel’s security, the border control soldiers treats them properly. They do not disregard human rights during the process. And that is something the world does not seem to understand.

So, learn the truth. Hear it from people who have seen it with their own eyes. And stop spreading lies about Israel!

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