This Arab Loves Jewish People – But the Reason Why Will Blow Your Mind

by Leah Rosenberg

What a remarkable story! You will be left in complete awe. Acts of kindness go a long way. Find out why this Arab loves Jewish people.

You Won’t Believe Why an Arab in Kentucky Loves the Jewish People

Rabbi Yoel Gold shares unbelievable stories. Can you believe this one? The Divine Providence is so apparent! This Jew driving in Kentucky could have stopped at a different gas station. But G-d made it that he stopped at this gas station – the gas station with an Arab who loves Jewish people.

There are truly many amazing things about this story. It teaches many lessons.

Jews don’t hate Arabs. The story of Moshe the contractor and reserve general shows that. Yes, the Jewish people must defend themselves against the Arabs who try to destroy them and the Jewish homeland. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to live peacefully with all the other Arabs. And the Arab in this story learned that from Moshe. He learned that from the way the Jewish people acted towards him versus how his own Arab brethren acted towards him.

And not all Arabs hate Jews. There are those Arabs who truly know that the Jewish people are a special nation.

Another important point is how acts of kindness can go a very, very long way. They are remembered forever. 50 years is a long time. And the Arab still felt this love towards the Jewish people.

There really are no words for the events in this story. From start to finish. G-d runs the world. It can sometimes be hard to see His hand in our lives. But if we keep searching Him, we will come across moments that help us see Him.

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