You Will Never Believe Why the Pope Bowed Down to This Jewish Woman

by Phil Schneider

The most amazing part of this short documentary about this impressive woman is not the meeting with the Pope. It is actually President Joe Biden. Whether you think Joe Biden is fit to serve in the Oval Office or not, his show of humanity in front of this woman is truly impressive. There were ten different ways Joe Biden could have shown respect for this woman. But Joe Biden, in his advanced age, whether you support him or not, is still a modest man. No other leader today would do what he did.

Mrs. Ravitz is the able daughter of a long serving member of Israel’s Parliament, Rabbi Yitzhak Ravitz. Due to a law that forbid her from continuing to work for her father, she was required to switch positions. A senior member of the Likud PArty chose to place her on his staff. A few years later, President Rivlin won election to become Israel’s President, and he chose to place Mrs. Ravitz in the pivotal job of Chief of Staff.

The job of Chief of Staff is perhaps the key position that determines the time that VIP’s spend their time on. President Rivlin clearly holds Mrs. Ravitz in such high regard that he brings her around the world on his visits. This despite the fact that Mrs. Ravitz is a busy mother of so many children.

The religious standards that Mrs. Ravitz has maintained should serve as a role model to all that as long as someone is proud of their values, they can stand up to literally everyone in the world and receive respect. The key is to know who one is and who one is not. Mrs. Ravitz is a successful person for all of the right reasons, and she does it all while raising a large family that sees her first and foremost as their mother and not as a political leader.

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