These Videos Show that Violent Riots Across USA Have Nothing to do with “Racism”

by Avi Abelow

Andy Ngo is an independent journalist who has been following the far-left anarchist antifa movement for years. The left labels him a white supremacist since he is on to them, but he is an Asian American.

Massive destructive riots with burning, looting and stealing took place across US cities over the weekend. We are told by mainstream media that these riots are a response to the “racist” killing of a black man by a white police officer in Minneapolis. But are these riots truly a rage against racism in the US?

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What does white men attacking another white man carrying a US flag have to do with protesting racism? And what’s the connection between these white men attacking a truck with US flag stickers?

Sorry, but I do NOT buy the lie that America is a racist country or that these riots are protesting racism. Are there individual US citizens who are racists? For sure, but America as a country is NOT racist! People of all colors, religions, ethnicities have equal opportunity & freedom in America, more than ever before. 

Also, as someone who grew up in the Northeast, by the time Obama was elected US President, race was virtually a non-issue in America. Again, there were always individual racist acts by individuals, but there was no institutionalized racism. Interestingly enough, the black lives matter movement was created in 2013, during the Obama administration! Meaning, race-relations deteriorated under his Presidency, with his administration’s support of the BLM agenda. 

No, those videos show that the motivation behind much of the destructive rioting is a disdain, and even hatred, for the USA and what America represents, not a protest against systemic racism.

Unfortunately, we see that this “race” issue is now being hijacked by a radical far-left anti-American agenda to create chaos in the USA.

Here in Israel we also struggle with a growing radical far-left. What ties the two together is their disdain for the proud patriotism and religious values upon which both the USA & Israel are based.

We will overcome these leftist forces, by sharing the truth, exposing the lies and educating our children with our value system

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