These ultra-Orthodox singers have voices like angels!

by Chaya Cikk

These ultra-orthodox singers have absolutely amazing voices. It is such a pleasure to hear such a wonderful song. An amazing sight to see everyone sitting together and singing in harmony.

Ultra-Orthodox Singers

There are so many different types of sects of Judaism. Each one varies from the other. Many refer to ultra-orthodox Judaism as Hareidi. They follow both written and oral that was brought down by Moses on Mount Sinai very strictly. These singers are ultra-orthodox but they have voices that sound like angels and are well worth a listen to.

However, it does not matter what sect you place yourself in within Judaism. We are all children of God. We all ask Him to save us now and bring us success now. A Jew is a Jew no matter what their background or where they may come from.


There is music for everything, no matter what kind of mood you’re in there is a song for it. Music can also help you get out of a sad or bad mood and cheer you up. Music is something quite special. Most importantly music brings people together, especially when everyone is singing the same song and knows the tune and the words to it.

Additionally, music is a great way to connect to God. Many synagogues have a Cantor who sings many parts of the prayer services. Music is another way to make the service more meaningful. There are many prayers that people like to sing. Many of these prayers are said on the Festivals, such as Passover, the New Year or Chanukah.

Personally, I feel that music just makes everything better, no matter what mood you may be in. Who doesn’t love music? Finally, there are so many genres of Jewish music. Not just ultra-orthodox. Make sure to listen to all the different kinds of genres to decide which one you like best.


Please God, save us now,
Please God, bring success now.

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