How to not get banned from entering Israel

by Phil Schneider

Is there a significant minority of Arabs who live in or outside of Israel who actually support the State of Israel. The answer is unquestionably yes. They may not be the majority, but there is definitely a strong and growing movement of Arabs who have become modernized and who understand that they will never have it better in the Middle East in any other country than Israel. Could this be? Is it possible that Arabs in Israel enjoy a higher standard of living and better conditions in general than in the countries that surround Israel? The answer is a resounding yes.

Health Care, Religious Freedom, and a Strong Economy

The three main reasons that have brought more than a few Arabs who live in Israel to change their minds about Israel are the solid health care system in Israel, the freedom to observe their religion, and the strong economy that affords many people well-earning jobs. The one place that nearly all Jews and Arabs meet in together 24/7 are the hospitals. Every pregnant Arab women receives exactly the same care as every pregnant Jewish woman.

Every Arab is free to observe their religion, Muslim, Christian, or otherwise, across the entire State of Israel. Lastly, jobs abound in the building sector, and every other field in which Israel is booming. Arabs work overwhelmingly in many sectors such as the healthcare and building sectors. The quality of life of Arabs in Israel has grown enormously over the last few decades, while the quality of life of most Arabs in neighboring countries has not.

And as for the vilified checkpoints, they also save the lives of Arabs. Checkpoints on Israeli roads are no different than checkpoints at airports. It would be more pleasant to park underneath an airport, take an elevator up into the waiting area, and simply board a plane. But, the small number of terrorists in the world force the entire world to have multiple checks before boarding an airplane. No sane person objects to the double and triple checking of security at airports. So, yes, there is another reason why it is great to live in Israel – the excellent checkpoints that save the lives of Jews and Arabs alike from a fringe of terrorists who don’t value life as we do.

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