The story you will NEVER hear about on the mainstream media

by Avi Abelow

The mainstream media doesn’t tell you everything. Here is a story that they “accidentally” missed. Probably because it shows the true face of Israel.

Palestinian Arab saved by Israelis

A 55-year-old Palestinian man suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest. Who performed CPR? Who brought back his pulse? Was it Palestinian Arabs because “Israel is evil?” No, actually, he was rescued by an Israeli medic and security guard near the Israeli town of Efrat. These Israelis are true heroes! But will you ever hear about this story on the mainstream media? They would never broadcast such honestly like this. They would never choose to share the truth about Israel. It would destroy their agenda!

The Mainstream Media & the Truth

But this piece of news shows the truth about Israel. It shows you what type of country Israel really is. The Jewish people do not discriminate between Jews and Arabs. If someone needs help, they help them. And that is why when this Palestinian Arab suffered from cardiac arrest, an ISRAELI medic and an ISRAELI security guard helped him. They did not just leave him to die. That is not the way Jews act. That is not what they believe. And that is most definitely not their culture.

But the sad truth is that people ignore the truth. Portraying all the good Israel does goes against what they are trying to accomplish. They want to destroy the Jewish state, not show the world why Israel must continue to exist. So share this story. Let those people know that without Israel, maybe this man would never have survived.

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