These ancient artifacts say something magnificent about Biblical Israel

by Phil Schneider

A Biblical antiquities store in Israel displays what a growing minority of Arabs in the State of Israel have come to grips with. First off, the Jewish people are in the Land of Israel to stay. They are not going anywhere. End of story. Secondly, the Jewish people are indeed the indigenous people of the Land of Israel. They go back many centuries before the other religions that took hold in the world and in the Land of Israel.

Freedom of Religion

But the most important thing to realize is that an Arab Christian shopkeeper like this can be happily located in Jerusalem and profit from the millions of tourists who walk through the streets looking for souvenirs. This is the way many minorities in the State of Israel truly feel. Not only are they not oppressed. They live a great life and appreciate the freedoms that they have as opposed to their cousins in Syria, Jordan, or Egypt who are basically living horrible lives with Civil War and religious discrimination.

There is good reason for the attitude of religious freedom that the State of Israel affords all of it’s minorities. The State of Israel is a country that is filled with people who have come from a myriad of countries that oppressed their minorities. The Jewish people were the ones who usually were oppressed the most. So, therefore, it makes sense that the idea of oppressing the minorities would be anathema in the State of Israel.

So, next time that someone says that Israel is an “Apartheid State,” ask them how many Arabs from Syria would do anything to live in Israel. How many Arabs in Lebanon would do anything to receive medical care in Israel? The only country to be a happy Christian in the Middle East is Israel.

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