Antisemitism on display at Mardi Gras carnival in Belgium

by Leah Rosenberg

How much more antisemitism has to take place before the world really wakes up? A carnival in Belgium should be a place of celebration, NOT this.

Mardi Gras carnival in Belgium

Carnivals are usually a time to celebrate something. Whether it is a holiday, a momentous occasion, or just a fun time for children. But when a Mardi Gras carnival in Belgium turns into an antisemitic platform, the world better speak up. You would think this carnival is taking place in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. This type of antisemitism should not still be happening! It just seems like incident after incident is making the headlines, yet no one is learning from it. Why did no one stop this from happening at a celebratory carnival?

Antisemitism Has No Basis

Antisemitism is baseless. The Jewish people have done so much good for the world. And now that there is a modern state of Israel, the only Jewish state, they have done even more good for the world. Invention after invention. Medical breakthrough after medical breakthrough. New technology after technology. The innovation is continuous. Yet the antisemitism is also continuous. It is irrational. It seems like the more the world benefits from Israel, the more they hate Israel.

A Better Future

We need to make the future better. We need to create a world without all the racism and antisemitism. World leaders need to stand up to the hate. It needs to be stopped before it gets worse. Antisemitism is not just a problem in Europe. It is in America and all throughout the world. Hopefully, the future will bring more peace and not more hate.

Arab Incitement
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