The world is letting China get away with murder

by Phil Schneider

Freedom of religion is something that we in the Western world take for granted. But in the Far-East and in China, there are all kind of brutalities that are going on. Hong Kong is no longer a free area in China where freedom will spread into the rest of China. The reverse is going on. The brutalizing socialist totalitarian regime in China now has accrued so much power and money that they now pose the #1 threat to the entire free world.

Until 9/11, the radical Muslim threat to the entire free world seemed like an exaggeration. Following the attack on the heart of the United States mainland, the world woke up to the reality that there still exist existential threats the free world. Until the advent of the Corona outbreak that originated in China, very few people thought that the world had more than one superpower. Now it is crystal clear to the entire world that in many ways, China is a greater superpower than the United States.

There are very few things that we do today that are not connected to China’s massive manufacturing base. How many people realized how dependent the world has become on the Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturing base? The idea that taking aspirin or so many other major drugs can be dependent on whims of a totalitarian regime is something that should scare the living daylights of anybody. Evil needs to be called out, labelled, and reigned in. The battle is an ideological one that mush be fought on the airwaves, online, and via all forms of mass communication. The goal must be to win the ideological battle against Socialist China the way that the United States won the Cold War against the Soviet Union and it’s satellites. Otherwise, we will see more and more images of blindfolded victims of a reign of terror.

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