Coming face to face with the driver who turned his world upside down in a bus crash

by Phil Schneider

Things happen. Life has unexpected changes, and our lives often do not continue the way they had. This is a story of inspiration from a young man who visited the State of Israel and endured a life-threatening car crash.

Car crashes are often things that don’t need to happen. The reason why they happen is often due to negligence or problematic roads. But this situation comes from clear negligence. Yet this unique person decided to confront the pent-up anger that Joshua had every reason to be filled with. But then, Joshua, a young journalist realized that he had an enormous reason to hear some very important words.

In the end, the message that must be heard here is not necessarily one of the greatness of spirit. It is more the story of being in touch with the difficult reality that life is filled with. We never know what each day will bring us and must be thankful for everything we have in this world. We must never take anything in our life for granted.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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