Who Was Really Behind The Beirut Blast?

by Micha Gefen

A lot of shock has been flying around both on and off the Internet as President Trump let out a surprise – it must have been a bomb – comment when referring to the massive explosion in Beirut on Tuesday.

The official explanation was that an explosion went off in a warehouse in Beirut’s harbor that was storing explosive material. This statement was then followed up by both Hezbollah’s and Israel’s assertion that the IDF had nothing to do with the blast.

All of this has added speculation to whether President Trump knows something no one else does or whether it is rather just a slip.

With tensions rising between Israel and Hezbollah, the original assumption was that this was an attack by Israel, but both Hezbollah and Israel dismissed this.

However, one must dig deeper to understand what is really going on. As mentioned this warehouse was storing explosive material ammonium nitrate illegally and without proper security. The question remains – whose explosive material was this?

It is well known that Hezbollah has tens or even hundreds of storehouses with weapons and explosive material around the country, especially in Beirut. The material that blew up may in fact belong to Hezbollah, which would be the real reason why they actually agreed that Israel had nothing to do with the blast.

Regardless of the truth about the source of the explosive material, Lebanon remains a state that is failed and this makes Israel’s North even more fragile than it already is.

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