The way Israelis treat “Palestinian” children is shocking the world

by Leah Rosenberg

The media won’t tell you the truth about how Israelis treat “Palestinian” children. But here is the truth: these children receive Israeli medical care – top-notch medical care.

Israeli Medical Care

What would you do if your “enemy” came to you to receive medical care? Maybe you would turn them down – because why would you help your enemy?

Well, Israel helps its enemy. In many ways. One unbelievable act of kindness that Israel provides to its enemy is medical care for “Palestinian” children. Israelis take these children in when their parents bring them in from “Palestinian” hospitals. Some of these children come to get Israeli medical care when their condition is deteriorating. And Israel is there to help.

Medical staff in Israel does not discriminate between different faiths and nations. If someone comes to an Israeli hospital to receive medical aid, they will be cared for properly. Ask anyone who has been in an Israeli hospital – there will be Muslims and Jews alike sitting side by side.

What a “Palestinian” Mother Said

One “Palestinian” mother of a sick child said, “We had no choice but to come here. I was very frightened.” But once she actually saw how the Israelis treated her and her family she said, “The environment and the welcome here is very good. My view has changed. In the beginning, I was afraid. But now all is good.”

All the “Palestinian” people have to do is seek the truth. Israelis want peace. Israel wants to help them. The “Palestinian” people need to just see for themselves and not listen to the way they were raised. They are taught to hate and that Jews are their enemy. But it’s false.

Israel is changing the way “Palestinians” view them, one kind deed at a time.

If “Palestinians” can change their view of Israel, the world should be able to change its view, too.

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