The video that just made all of Israel’s enemies shake with fear

by Chaya Cikk

This video will send all of Israel’s enemies running in the other direction. It shows how hard the Soldiers of the Israeli Army work. They work hard to protect the land of Israel and its citizens. It’s something quite special to watch.

Israel’s Enemies

Israel is this tiny strip of land located off the Mediterranean sea. When David Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel in 1948 he knew it would create enemies. Many of the surrounding Arab countries did not want a Jewish State.

Many of the Arab countries believe that no good has come from having a Jewish state. This is untrue, there have been many good things that have come from Israel. There are many countries that see Israel as the cause of all the problems in the Middle East.

Although Israel has enemies, it also has many friends. Israel sends aid to countries and helps when countries are in need. There are many good things in the world thanks to Israel. So think hard before you call Israel your enemy.

IDF Elite

There are many IDF Elite units, many that regular citizens don’t even know about. These soldiers have been chosen to perform special tasks. Additionally, they work tirelessly to protect the citizens and defend the country of Israel.

Furthermore, no one said being a soldier would be an easy task and for these soldiers, it is most definitely not. After such intense training, these soldiers become like brothers to one another. They’ve gone through an experience that not many other people have. They have a deep love and a strong connection to the land of Israel. Seeing these soldiers train so hard I would not want to be on the wrong side of Israel. They have one of the greatest armies.

Finally, these young men and women spend days away from their families and loved ones. We can not thank them enough for the work that they do.

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