From Ramallah to Tel Aviv: Why this Palestinian Arab lives in fear

by Phil Schneider

The biggest threat to Arabs in Israel is the leadership of the Arabs in Israel. There are multiple groups who lead groups in the State of Israel. They are all corrupt and care very little about the masses that they lead. The leaders of the Arabs don’t have dictatorial tendencies. They are mini-dictatorships that function like the worst regimes all over the world. They horde money and make sure that there is no trickle-down economics going on from the tens of millions of dollars of aid that comes their way every month. They understand well that with money comes power so they make sure to keep the money close by. But, thanks to social media and the online world, there is a growing movement of individuals who are choosing to live a life of openness and happiness in Israel. They are by no means a silent majority. But they are a growing minority that should be supported.

Why do Arabs who support Israel stay in Israel if they are fearful for their lives? Why don’t they move to a neighboring Arab country? The answer is simple. They have it good in Israel. They have it much better in Israel than the alternatives across any border. There is no small area in the world with better doctors and medical care than the State of Israel. This is all covered via a national health insurance program. Israel also offers Arabs a booming economy in a way that there is indeed genuine trickle-down economics going on. The wealthiest people in Israel do indeed have strong control over an enormous amount of wealth. But there is a massive middle class that lives very well and is able to profit handsomely in many sectors. It is not just the hi-tech sector that is thriving. The real estate sector in Israel is booming, and most of the construction workers in Israel are Arabs. Modernity has indeed brought much blessing to the Arabs who have decided to not be part of a struggle against the State of Israel. For those who have focused on climbing the ladder, they have been blessed with much success and live far better lives than their parents who were occupied by the Jordanians.

It cannot be reiterated enough. Israel is the best place in the Middle East to be an Arab, a Christian, or a Jew.

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