The Video About the IDF that the UN Doesn’t Want You to See

by Leah Rosenberg

The UN is constantly condemning Israel and the IDF. But they ignore the facts about who the IDF fights and the situations they face.

The IDF Has Morals, Unlike Its Enemies

This video explains what the Israel Defense Forces, the IDF, encounters when facing its enemies. The IDF is fighting wars constantly against groups who don’t follow the rules. Hamas and Hezbollah don’t care about human life. They don’t care about Jewish lives, and they even don’t care about their own people’s lives.

When learning about the IDF, you cannot ignore the full picture. If you read a headline that says something like “Israeli forces kill hundreds of civilians in Lebanon,” you need to learn about the war. You need to learn what Hezbollah first did. And the same with Hamas. And the same with Palestinian Arab terrorists and the Palestinian Authority. You need to learn what they are doing to innocent Israelis. The IDF acts to protect its own people and country. It does not start war to kill others – but that IS what Israel’s enemies do. Israel has a moral code, and the small Jewish state tries its very best.

Sadly, civilians are killed on the enemy side when Israel defends itself. But as said in this video, that blood lies on the hands of organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas. That blood lies on the hands of the Palestinian Authority whose sole purpose is to kill the Jewish people and destroy Israel. That blood does NOT lie on the hands of the IDF, and it is time the world stops saying it does.

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