DeSantis’ Speech as Governor Might just Make Him the Next President

by Phil Schneider

Common sense. Those two words seem to define Ron DeSantis better than any other two words. Yes, he is smart. Yes, he knows how to speak and not cower to the press. But the main thing about Ron DeSantis that he seems to have in abundance is a seemingly perfect knack at using common sense when everybody else gets caught up in ideological mistakes or fear-driven policies.

Very few people seem to understand and articulate today that common sense has become a rare commodity. It was not just the massive question that all States dealt with in terms of responding to the coronavirus pandemic. The “shut everything down” policies drove hundreds of million people crazy and was probably the worst example of government overreach in the last few decades. But it is also the massive question of tax policy, school choice, and pushing back on the crazy woke movement that has caused Florida to become the most popular State to move to in America.

All of these issues combined are what brought Ron DeSantis to such a surprisingly easy victory for reelection as Governor of Florida. What cannot be minimized is the fact that DeSantis barely won the election to become Governor a few years earlier. In a matter of a few years, Florida saw a massive influx of people from New York, California, and other States that had limited the freedom of their citizenry during the pandemic.

No less important is the issue of crime. Nearly every large State in the United States saw a small or large uptick in crime. Florida was by no means perfect either. But people felt that the problems in Florida did not stem from the leadership. The law enforcement officials received the backing they needed from the Governor, and D.A.’s did not implement swinging door policies on violent criminals.

All of this adds up to simple common sense. That is what is sorely lacking in the leadership of so much of the United States. That is why Ron DeSantis is so popular. He will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with on the national level in the coming years.

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