The ultimate proof that G-d is watching over the Jewish people

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people have survived the worst persecutions the world has seen. They have survived destruction and exile. How?

G-d is Watching Over the Jewish People

This video takes a walk through just some of the antisemitism that the Jewish people have encountered over the centuries. It is terrible and shocking. How can there be so much hatred in the world? How can people be so destructive and murderous? It is not only ancient hatred from the times of the destruction of the Temple. Sadly, the antisemitism did not even die with the Holocaust. It just keeps continuing. People keep hating. Even if they call it anti-Zionism instead of antisemitism, it is the same age-old hatred of the Jewish people.

But there is another question that begs an answer. If the Jews have been so oppressed for thousands of years, if their Temple has been destroyed and their people scattered throughout the world, how are they still here? How have they survived – even more so, thrived? How have they rebuilt their homeland just years after 6 million innocent souls were brutally taken in the Holocaust?

The only answer is G-d. Miracles. G-d’s love for the Jewish nation and His promise to never let them be destroyed. There is really no other way to explain it.

And once you realize that G-d is protecting the Jewish people, you should realize that the Jewish people are not going anywhere. The Jews are here to stay and will always remain under G-d’s watch. History is proof enough.

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