The two-state “solution” is dead and this is why

by Leah Rosenberg

The two-state solution is not a solution at all. Unless you want the Jewish state completely destroyed like the Palestinian Arab leadership and Hamas do.

The Two-State Solution

Much of the world talks about this concept of a two-state solution. The problem is that the Palestinian Arab leadership does not want a state side by side with the Jewish state. They do not want to live in peace as neighbors. Quite the opposite, actually. They want to destroy the Jewish state. Obliterate it from the face of the map. Creating a state right next to the Jewish state would result in murder and destruction for the Jewish people.

Imagine How Much Worse it’ll be

If you know the situation now that Gaza sends rockets into Israel, fire balloons and kites, and creates terror along the border, just imagine how much worse it could be. If the Jews actually gave up more land to create a Palestinian Arab state, the rockets and terrorism would only be worse. Again, the Palestinian Arab leadership and Hamas do not want a Jewish state to exist next to them. They have made that pretty clear…

Another Point

Like this video points out, the Jewish people cannot occupy their own land. The West Bank is known as Judea and Samaria. How can the Jewish people occupy JUDEA? That makes absolutely no sense. Not only did God give the Jews the land of Israel, but they also won it through defensive wars. And now the Arabs, who lost and who God did not give the land to, want the land anyway.

Just know the history. Understand the facts. And the situation is really quite clear.

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