Iran responds to new US sanctions calling them “economic terrorism”

by Phil Schneider

US sanctions on Iran are not a new thing. However, the extent that the United States has taken the sanctions this time are starting to really impact. You know when your enemies are hurting when they complain about it. It must be noted that under President Obama, there were minimal complaints from the Iranians. The Egyptian population did not criticize the Obama administration either. The only thing the Iraqi or Taliban seemed to criticize was drone warfare. That means that drones should be a vital part of the battle plans.

The Disruptive President

President Trump is not a run-of-the-mill President in any way, shape or form. That bothers his opponents to no end and thrills his supporters. But something that must be admitted by both is that he drives the enemies of the United States crazy. That is a good thing. It is good to have an unpredictable President. However, we need to hope that the checks and balances that the United States Constitution has will insure that a non-run-of-the-mill President will not go too far on any level. With Barack Obama, it seems that these checks and balances did the job. He got reelected, and had 8 years to transform the United States – as he declared. Obama clearly was a unique President who did his most to change the United States foreign and domestic policy. But he realized rather early on that the checks and balances do indeed clamp down many restrictions on his domestic policy initiatives. But on foreign policy, there is more room for him to flex his muscles and authority without opposition from Congress. Now, President Trump is learning the same thing and he is enjoying it. So, he is disrupting the policy vis-a-vis North Korea, Iran, and the European Union. It has it’s risks, but so far, things are looking pretty good. We will only be able to make a sound judgement in many years.

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