The Two Conditions for Happiness that Anyone Can Achieve

by Leah Rosenberg

Who wouldn’t want to achieve unconditional happiness? This rabbi gives the life-changing tools in this unbelievable Ted Talk.

Conditions for Unconditional Happiness That Will Change Your Life

The ideas in this video about happiness are aligned with Judaism and how Judaism feels we should view ourselves and the world. Rabbi Moshe Gersht really struck a chord here. And he has the power to connect and relate to all people from all backgrounds. Although we cannot control what happens to us in life, we most definitely can control how we choose to respond to things and with what lens we view the world with. Are we going to mope around and complain about every situation? Or are we going to take action and take charge of our lives?

Rabbi Gersht said many powerful things in this video. One thing he said was, “When you’re open to meaningful coincidences, opportunities will present themselves to you all the time.” G-d doesn’t do things by mistake. He is the Master of the universe, and everything happens for a reason. No, we don’t always see those reasons – or at least not right away. But if we believe in Him and believe in His plan, our lives will turn out completely different; significantly better.

Things are not always easy. There are challenges. But that does not change the fact that we can still have a positive outlook on life. It may take time – a lot of time – to achieve this positive perspective. It will definitely take hard work and effort. But in the end, it will all be worth it.

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