When someone like this shares the secret to happiness, you’ll want to hear it

by Phil Schneider

Gratitude is the key.  Happiness is a state of mind.  But, it is also a choice that one can make.  But it all begins from knowing that we have so much to thank for.

Lots to Thank For

It is so easy to come up with things that are imperfect in our lives.  How many people thank God every day for their good health when they have one ache in their back.  What about all of the parts of their health that perform perfectly.

The key is awareness and gratitude.  One of the signs of maturity in children is that they realize that they have a lot to be thankful for.

Of course, their parents provide them with so much.  But, if they are smart and attuned, they will also notice that God has granted them so many amazing things in their world too.

This is the reason that the Jewish people begin each and every day with the simple word – Thanks!  The exact word in Hebrew is “Mode.”   That means, I thank you God for everything You have granted me.

In addition to the very first word, the Jewish people then bless God many times over each and every morning in order to get a clear perspective.

We don’t take our health for granted.  We don’t take any of our basic needs for granted.  On the other hand, we thank and make sure to straighten out our brains before we take on the world.

Thank You God.

This woman lost her 15 year old child to a terrorist and inspired the masses of the State of Israel and all over the world with her perspectives on life.  We have much to learn from her.  

New Israeli Prime Minister
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