Israel’s accomplishments are becoming the future of the world

by Leah Rosenberg

It is hard to believe how young a country Israel is.  It certainly has set the new standard for the future of the world.


I find it interesting that the focus of this video is on skyscrapers in Israel.  Soon, Israel is supposed to have a 100 floor tower and many other towers in the Tel-Aviv area.

It signifies so much that Israel is now building such massive structures.  Between 1948 and 1967, Jerusalem had very few buildings that were taller than 5 floors.  Today, Jerusalem, which is not the hi-tech capital of Israel, already has several buildings that dot the skyline of the city.

Hi-Speed Trains

Everyone in Israel knows about the hi-speed train.  Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv in just over 30 minutes.  That is simply amazing.  It once took nearly 2 hours to drive from one city to another.  This 2 billion project cuts right through mountains.  Around 25 miles of tunnels make the trip a quick and comfortable journey between the two cities.

This is a must for the modern economy of Israel.  It brings the hi-tech center of Tel-Aviv close to the tourist center of Israel, Jerusalem.

The importance of these massive projects cannot be overstated.

They are both the fulfillment of prophecies from the time of the Bible concerning the rebuilding of the Land of Israel.



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