G-d Save Britain if this Man Becomes Prime Minister

by Leah Rosenberg

The Labour party leader has done it again. Jeremy Corbyn has made another, shocking anti-Israel speech. It’s almost painful to listen to. History is clear, any society that allows antisemitism to grow and become mainstream ends up self-destructing. The fake cause called “palestine” is 100% antisemitic, with the goal of destroying Israel. Corbyn is blatantly ignoring the terror and violence in the name of “palestine”, and disregarding the need for proper negotiations. His promise is a clear sign that he has turned the Labour party into the party of antisemitism. If he becomes Prime Minister, Israel will survive, but British society won’t. History is clear. (NOTE: The title uses G-d because as religious Jews, out of respect, we do not write out the name of the almighty)

The Labour Party Leader

Jeremy Corbyn is no friend to Israel. Time and time again, his remarks, actions, and speeches have shown his true colors. The Labour party leader is against Israel. He sides with a fake people who self-identify as a historic nation of “palestinians” (that didn’t exist before 1967) – even with terrorists.

Are we living in a world where someone like this can gain even more support and more power? Corbyn fuels anti-Semitism. It is so, so obvious. And it must stop.

Recognizing “Palestine”

Corbyn promises to recognize a “Palestine.” He accuses Israel of doing injustices, and he publicly states lies about the Jewish state. He fails to address the terrorism that Israel faces on a daily basis. He fails to call out the “palestinian Arab” leaders for encouraging murder. Inste,ad he says, “…and the ‘Palestinian’ tragedy continues while the outside world stands by.” What about the Israeli tragedy? What about the thousands of Jews murdered by terrorist attacks in the name of the genocidal crusade called “palestine”?

Why is the Labour party leader so one-sided?

Jews in England feel the Anti-Semitism

The Jewish people living in England feel the raging and spreading anti-Semitism. Even prominent lawyers feel that England is no place for a Jew. And Jeremy Corbyn is only encouraging that feeling.

It is frightening that in 2018, anti-Semitism is growing in Europe.

And it is shocking that so many are so against the state of Israel despite the fact that Israel is constantly being threatened and attacked on all ends.

The world needs to wake up and see the truth.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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