The truth about the 2020 election has officially been uncovered

by Phil Schneider

Was their clear fraud in the 2020 elections for the Presidency of the United States? Is this still relevant now that the results have been certified? Isn’t this fight history and a waste of time to focus on now? Shouldn’t we put this all behind us now? The answer to the first question is maybe. Perhaps their was fraud. It is probably much easier to prove that their was fraud than that there was not. But more importantly, the answer to all of the “Let’s move on” attitudes should be – “No way.” If the problems that occurred in 2020, and perhaps in 2016 also, are not fixed, then the lack of election integrity will continue to destroy the idea of freedom in the United States of America.

There is no issue that Congress and the Senate should deal with more than the issue of election integrity. And if anybody argues that this is such a monumental task to make sure that all night on election night – in all States across the Union – a large group of policemen should be watching, note that this is untrue. There are only 10 battleground states, and only a few counties in these States, that actually need beefed up election security.

This should be a bi-partisan issue, and not so many Democrats need to “switch sides” in order to protect election integrity. At the very least, Republicans will be able to build trust in their roles as the protectors of Democracy. The leadership in the push for election integrity should be a bi-partisan group of Republican and Democratic Congressmen who may very well disagree on what happened in 2020. But they should agree that the trust of the United States in the elections must be protected, or else the slippery slope to a more totalitarian situation of leadership will ensue.

Roe vs. Wade

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