What a garbage pit from 1000 years ago reveals about Jerusalemites

by Leah Rosenberg

What did people in Jerusalem eat 1000 years ago? How would we even know? This garbage pit from the Abbasid period tells us a lot.

A Garbage Pit from 1000 Years Ago

Another discovery on the Pilgrimage Road. It is fascinating that a garbage pit from 1000 years ago can be so revealing of the past and how people lived. And the way that the species were preserved! How can someone not believe in G-d? He speaks to us through different means. Here, He has spoken through archaeology of the past to help reveal things to the world. G-d wanted archaeologists to make these discoveries!

Eggshells, grapes, bones of fish, eggplant – clearly, there were some similarities between then and now. Eggplant is a very popular food in Israel today. Israelis cook it and use it in all different ways. There is techina drizzled over eggplant, babaganoush, spicy eggplant, eggplant with sauce. And centuries and centuries and centuries ago, eggplant had already become a popular food.

These discoveries are very telling of the times and lifestyles of the people from long, long ago. Pieces are constantly being put together that tell the stories of the past. Whether it is tunnels that are found, pottery, coins, or food, there is a story waiting to be dug up. There is proof of the past; proof of the life that once existed.

It seems that the more people try to deny the truth, the more it comes up to show itself. The City of David is just one area that is filled with archaeological findings. But the entire land of Israel is filled with archaeology and history!

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