The Thing That Will Destroy Human Civilization as we Know it Today

by Phil Schneider

Twitter and Facebook have banned many people and posts from their social network. Of course, Twitter and Facebook own their businesses and are therefore within their right to decide on their own. However, the power of the various social media outlets is such that they clearly are within the realm of monopolies that control the minds of hundreds of millions of people today.

What is growing now more than anything is the awareness of a large silent majority that our minds are actually being controlled by a small group of people in Silicon Valley with a radical agenda that wants us to follow woke radical ideologies. The freedoms that so many have taken for granted for so long in America are now under attack by a force that has entered nearly all universities across North America. Canada is now run by the radical left and the United States has a puppet President in the Oval Office who’s strings are being pulled by people with a radical left agenda too.

The only solution on the horizon is at the ballot box in 2022. Once Congress provides the opposition for the sweeping changes that the Biden administration has been trying to push forward, there will be a fair fight over the ideological underpinnings that will dominate the future of the United States. But if things do not improve in 2022, Joe Manchin alone will not be able to stall the Deomocrat wave that is sweeping across America.

2024 is going to be a very interesting election if Donald Trump attempts a comeback. He would almost certainly win the nomination, but he would probably have a harder time winning the general nomination than nearly any other Republican candidate. But then again, that is what was said back in 2016 too. The stakes are indeed high. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that our freedoms are not at stake.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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