Iran Is Going Nuclear – Does Anyone Care?

by Micha Gefen

Iran has now enriched more that 120kg of enriched uranium. This puts the radical Islamic regime one step closer to a nuclear weapon.

While Biden worries about his falling popularity, the Bennett government increasingly realizes that Israel is on its own. It can no longer rely on steadfast US support or its alliance with India – both are preoccupied. Iran’s non-stop pursuit of nuclear weapons has brought it to the very edge of the nuclear threshold and it appears no one is willing to stop it.

PM Bennett can speak tough, but Israelis have yet to see any viable moves against the regime in Tehran. With the clock ticking and Israel’s friends increasingly sidelined, Bennett’s government must act soon.

Just like China, Iran senses that its moment to strike is now and if China makes a move on Taiwan – who would lift a finger to save Israel – especially if the world is distracted with saving Taiwan.

This is why China’s moves are so timed to be in sync with Iran’s. Both know that the other gives them the strategic depth to capitalize on the weakness of the West just long enough to win.

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