The story of the most extraordinary people on Earth

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is so much more than a beautiful place.  The Jewish people are an extraordinary people.  The story of the people and their Land is the story of the greatest start-up in the history of the world.

The Jewish Agency

The Jewish Agency is the glue that keeps the Jewish people together through the Land of Israel.  Before there was a State of Israel, there was a Jewish Agency that represented the Jewish people and it’s quest to rebuild the Jewish people with the Land of Israel at it’s center.

Today it is easy to take this for granted as we have a strong and thriving country.

However, in the early decades of the 20th century, the future of the Jewish people was a big question mark.  Would the Jewish people survive the pogroms and dark clouds in Europe?  The unfortunate answer was that most would not.  A clear majority of the Jewish people in Europe and Asia would be killed – either in the Holocaust or on the battlefield.

The Heart of the Jewish People

But the minority of the Jewish people of Europe and Asia who survived along with the Sephardic Jewish communities rebuilt the Jewish people with the Land of Israel at it’s center.

Today, there is also a sizable Jewish community in North America.  But the center of the Jewish people is clearly in Israel.  The source of strength – both spiritually and physically of the Jewish people is in the Land of Israel.  Israel is the heart of the Jewish nation in every way.  It pumps vitality and strength to the whole world.

The lawmakers in the Knesset are perhaps the central leadership of the State.  However, a large part of the soul of the Jewish people is connected to the Jewish Agency and its multitude of activities to strengthen the bonds between the Jewish people all over the world.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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