The story of the Israeli Wildlife Hospital which saves thousands of wounded animals every year

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish people have values ingrained in them that go beyond what you can ever imagine. In Israel, doing something like saving wildlife animals seems to be the norm, not the exception.

Injured Wildlife

For those who can’t handle to see injured wildlife at the side of a road, the Israeli wildlife hospital is the perfect place to bring them. The doctors and volunteers care deeply about the animals, and they will only return the animals to nature once they are healed.

The hospital admits over 4,000 animals every year. The number continues to grow because people are becoming more aware of its existence.  It is amazing how many animals are nurtured back to life and are then able to continue living in nature.

What is so unbelievable is that those who work in the hospital know exactly what the animals need to be healed and even to feel less stressed.

Making Headlines

The tiny Jewish country makes top news headlines often. VERY often. But why are they making the news? Because Israel is a country that is filled with compassion.  Yes, even with security measures that protect against their enemies.  Maybe it is for the acts of kindness toward humans? For their unprecedented inventions and innovations? For their wildlife hospital? Sadly, none of the above. Israel is making news headlines because the world wants to portray Israel as an oppressive country. They pretend Israel has nothing to offer but war. But for anyone who knows what Israel is really all about, they’ll know that the news headlines show nothing about the one country in the Middle East that actually cares about life. All life. Human life AND animal life.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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