Israel demonstrates what it looks like to really secure a border

by Phil Schneider

Tens of thousands of people pass through an Israeli border every day. Israel is winning its battle for security every day.

Why does Israel need to invest so much time, money, and effort to secure its borders?  Well, it’s rather simple. Many countries like the USA have 2 or 3 neighboring countries that don’t pose much of a threat to them.  Israel has 4-5 neighboring countries and several Arab-run areas (called the Palestinian Authority) filled with people looking to come to Israel.

Have you ever stopped to think – Why are they all looking to come into Israel?  Are they merely looking to have a cup of coffee with their relatives on the other side of the border?  Well, that probably accounts for around 5% of the people making the cross into Israel’s borders.  However, there are more basic needs that Arabs from the neighboring Arab-run Palestinian Authority have.

Health Care

Everyone wants to live and be healthy.  Yes – Israel is the place to go in order to be healthy.  Jewish doctors in the State of Israel treat all patients in exactly the same fashion.  The care given Arab patients is no different than the care given to Jewish patients.

If you would like to see peace in the Middle East – walk into an Israeli hospital.  Jewish doctors – and also some Arab doctors – work alongside one another – and treat patients of all races.  Little baby Joseph cries alongside little baby Mohammed and their mothers walk in together to take care of them.

And it works – very well – with very few hiccups.

Israel has even become famous for saving lives outside of it’s borders.

A Job

The other main reason that so many Arabs cross through an Israeli border crossing is for a job.

There are jobs available in the Palestinian Authority.  But, you probably need to be married or related somehow to the right family to get those jobs.

In Israel, if you are a hard worker, odds are that you can find a job – especially in the field of construction if you are willing to work hard.


So why does Israel need such an elaborate watch on its borders.

It’s very simple – terrorists like to target Israel where it hurts most – inside Israeli cities and neighborhoods.

To keep the vermin out, you need to keep a watchful eye at all times.

To allow the good people to go on with their lives, you need to set up an elaborate system that both carefully checks and moves along all of the people at the Israeli borders.



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