The Story of the IDF Soldier Who Did the Impossible

by Leah Rosenberg

Every IDF soldier is a hero in a unique way. And Staff Sgt. Nathan’s story is definitely worth listening to.

The IDF Soldier Who Didn’t Take No for an Answer

It pays off to not give up. This IDF solder wanted to defend his country in the way that he felt was most fitting for him. Despite the official “rules” of the IDF, he knew that his calling was to be a combat soldier. His history of having Leukemia did not prevent him from achieving that goal. Staff Sgt. Nathan went through a trying time as a child, and he clearly gained strength from his experiences. Not many people can truly follow through with not giving up.

Some people run away from being a combat soldier, and people like Staff Sgt. Nathan are pulled toward the opportunity to serve their country in a meaningful way. It is truly inspiring hearing his story and hearing him speak.

He mentioned an important point for succeeding in life: That those who succeed are the ones who are strong mentally. It is not about, or at least only about, physical strength – even in the army. If someone does not have the proper mindset to succeed in life, it is impossible to succeed. But with the right attitude and mindset, anything is possible. Staff Sgt. Nathan proved that. According to the “rules,” he would not have reached his goal. But according to his determination, he did. He achieved something unbelievable. He proved that he could do it.

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