The Poland of the 1930s has Returned – What’s Happening?

by Leah Rosenberg

Polish nationalists have brought back the Poland of the 1930s. Burning books. Cursing Jews. How could this be happening?

Is this 2021 or Poland of the 1930s?

Poland? This is terrifying. It is now 2021, and almost 2022! You would think this video could be from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Sadly, it is today. These are Polish nationalists in our times. The Holocaust was not so long ago, and these antisemites have no shame.

It is quite complicated. There are still plenty of Jew-haters in Poland. Antisemitism is still raging throughout the country. And yet, diplomatically, Poland is one of Israel’s closest friends today in Europe.

Just as there are plenty of antisemites in France and Germany, Israel has close diplomatic relations with them as well.

We must continue to fight antisemitism. We must continue to educate about the destruction that hatred causes. Yes, there will still be antisemites. We may not be able to change the entire world and eradicate all the hate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it to try. We have the power to change the world, even if it must be done in small steps.

Dr. Risch

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