The song that was inspired by true faith in God during the Holocaust

by Leah Rosenberg

Were there really Jews who were able to retain their faith in God during the Holocaust?

When they saw the horrors and lost so many family members at tender young ages, how could they keep their faith in God?

It is hard to answer these questions.  But it is clear that there were people like this amazing man who clearly held on to his faith.

Faith in Hell

One could argue that only the Jewish people could hold onto their faith in such a hellish situation.  Has any people gone through what the Jewish people went through in the Holocaust?  Many historians argue that this was a singular occurrence in world history.  Even though tens of millions of people were killed in the years of 1933-1945 – not only soldiers – but civilians – the Holocaust was unique.  The Holocaust was the systematic genocide of a people – the Jewish people.  There was never a people that every day of the year for a few years, thousands of their people were taken on transports to death camps.


There are sections in the Bible that describe in great detail what God will do to His chosen people if they stray from His path.  The vivid detail is frightening, and actually mirrors many of the horrible things that transpired in the Holocaust.  But there is a verse at the end of these passages which may be the source of hope for the Jewish people.  God makes it crystal clear that He will NEVER forsake his people no matter what.  In the midst of the darkness, this must be nearly impossible to focus on.  But there were many Jews who clearly held onto their faith.  What an amazing people.

Arab Incitement
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