The Song that May Become the Next National Anthem for Israeli Society

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli society is diverse. Religious, not religious; Rightwing, Leftwing. But in the army, everyone fights alongside each other.

Israeli Society and Peace

Aside from the fact that Israel faces threats from the outside, there is also a lack of peace from the inside. Israeli society is diverse. Israelis are stubborn, for the good and the bad. There are Israelis who are religious and Israelis who are secular. There are those who were born Israeli and those who chose to make Israel their home from other places in the world. Israelis have differences of opinions politically.

But in the army, it seems that differences get put aside. As brothers and sisters of the Jewish nation, the soldiers stand side by side to defend Israel. The hope is that this peace can permeate throughout Israeli society and not just in the army. At the end of the day, a Jewish soul is a Jewish soul. Everyone wants to connect to each other and to his Creator. This song is called “Shalom Babayit” – “Peace in the Home.” The home is really the entire people of Israel. We all know that we are stronger together; that we are undefeated when we put our differences aside. That’s what this song is all about: Peace, strength in Jewish unity, and connection.

The Second Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred. In order to rebuild the Third and final Temple, every Jew must love each other unconditionally.

If Jews internalize this song, maybe we can bring the redemption that much closer. Music is a powerful tool to connect to others and to G-d. Let’s use it.

Dr. Risch

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