Is Bennett Going To Make Peace With “Palestine?”

by Micha Gefen

New communication has opened between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority in recent weeks. Now that a new government, which has a clear leftwing bent to it has been installed, it is not surprising that PA President Mahmoud Abbas is interested in engaging. The only question remains: Will Naftali Bennett, an avowed right winger and current Prime Minister actually make “peace” with Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen?

While the breakthrough in communication is something big, Bennett himself will find it hard to jump on any peace bandwagon. However, given his coalition and the need for him to cling to power – anything is possible. There is enormous pressure from the White House for Bennett to cave and reenter “peace” negotiations.

Naftali Bennett professes to be rightwing and while it is true that he has put his foot down on many issues when it comes to Judea and Samaria – the current geo-political climate makes Israel very weak in having the strength to say no to America. This is why Putin’s decision to shut down Israeli overflights of Syria is so important, because ot requires Israel to rely once again on America and for that there is a price to be paid.

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